Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Lehi home

This is the veiw from the club House looking East.
If you look closely you can see Mt Timpanogos in
back ground.

This is the view of the unit that we first held. then
our house in Logan didn't sell So we held another

This is as you see our garage. At this piont the
electrial, plumbing, furnace and duct work are done.
The bathroom tub and shower are in.

As you can see the garage is out of place.
But I'm still learning. This it the foundation.

This is our unit looking West at the front door/

Same view.

It looks like the move in date is around the 1st of
November. It's been a long summer with alot of
decsions to make. We will up date you as we go along.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Open House Displays

April 11 Well, girls, since you weren't here to help
'stage' our house, I had my friend Ineke come over and she moved a lot of our things around, (taking more of our pictures down, but putting some of them in the bedroom) and eventually made it look really nice. Dad took these pictures so you could see the results. Tight as I am, I couldn't find any place mats to go with these dishes, so I went to Ross and bought a curtain panel for $6.99 and made these. The blue green is the same as the shade in the plates. It's amazing what the fresh flowers add, isn't it?

I took the little dress form from the bedroom and put it on our bathroom counter. the clock and box are new from Rod works.

Below is most of the stuff I bought at Rod Works, (with Deb's encouragement. :) The scarf is one Gabi brought from Spain.

You probably won't remember how the shelves were before, but this is what they look like, now. Some of the stuff we brought from the curio cabinet in the entry. the one big greenery arrangement that Janelle gave me I had in the dining room by the sliding door, and Ineke said that it was probably better that it wasn't there, since people would be walking by there. SOOO, I took it outside and put it on a stand by the door, since the poinsettias were getting a little outdated. It's looks great there!

I'm not sure why Dad took 2 of some of these. BUT, I have to tell you, that after the open house, our realtor said that a couple of the people who came through asked if 'the lady of the house was an interior designer???' If they only knew! You all know I definitely am not, but I have a friend who is. . . lucky me!
Happy note: I didn't think I had enough stuff to put around to decorate nicely, and thought I'd have to buy a lot, but with a little help from my friend, and spreading it out, not so much! all of the stuff I did buy we will be able to use in our new home. Bonus!

When I returned a couple of things to Rod Works, I bought this faux bouquet of tulips. Since we will be gone for a week, fresh floweres won't be so fresh!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2010. Winter wonderland....

This is not an April Fool joke... It started snowing yesterday and still snowing a little.. and it is to continue through Conference week end.

From the front, from the back, from all around the house, 6 inches of wet snow!!!

The trees look really pretty

The picture the snow makes of the temple between the trees the neightbor planted looks really pretty.

As you can see, the clouds look as if we may get more of this today. It would be great for making snowmen. . . . sledding anyone???

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comments on the Kitchen Upgrade,,,,

Hi again..

I tried to put these pictures in order but as you can see they are all mixed up. At least I got the pictures on it. How do I get the text and pictures in order. Do I start with the last picture then go to the first picture? Or what . . . Oh well

Love ya, Dad.

Kitchen upgrade. . .

Here comes the granite...(heavy)

Here is Graham and Adam Howes taping the sheet rock.

This the Back splash tile... Adam Howes applying tile....

This is the Finished product . . ..

This is the project in process... with the inspector
inspecting the work.....

Worried about the floor.. . .

This is the old kitchen as we start on the "tear out".

Hi everyone ... I didn't get it in the order I wanted but you can see the project any way..

It is finished.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're still waiting

Yup, we're still waiting. Waiting for someone to come and buy our house, waiting for the rest of our family to respond as to whether they can come to the reunion on one of the dates asked about, and waiting for the rest of you to respond with your "miracles and tender mercies."


Really, it makes me sad that you can't take a minute to respond about the reunion, and it makes me think you don't care enough about us or the requests on the "M & M's" to take that little minute. Do you think there was ever a time when Dad or I took a minute---or even hours--- even when it was very inconvenient to comply with one of your requests? Do you think I'm trying to make you feel guilty? You're right.

Yup, I'm having a pity party. What are you going to do about it???


Monday, September 28, 2009

Testing plublishing a Blog

I will try to put a image on this page....

Hey.. it worked but I have to rename the pictures so they will have names instead of ####'s

This is Talia and Paige signing the Book....

Pretty Flowers